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Carrot pudding(gajar ka halwa)

gajar ka halwa

variety of carrots
Carrots are rich in vitamin A, a healthy vegetable medicine for weak eyesight.  There are about 50 varieties of carrots found all over the world . The common cultivated carrots are of two types: the Eastern/Asiatic carrots and Western/carotene carrots.

In India we find most common variety the red and orange carrots(Asiatic carrot). This sweet is mostly prepared with the red carrots as their sweetness level is much higher than the orange ones. So try it and:
 welcome your guests with this sweet gesture!!!!

Picture presentation taken from (This recipe has been explained nicely along with pictures in this site) 

500 grams carrots(grated)
1 liter full cream milk
200 grams whole dried milk(khoya)
200 grams sugar(little more)
4 table spoon ghee
For garnishing:
2 tablespoon raisins
                                                    2 table spoon cashew nuts

Heat ghee in a heavy base kadahi. Add grated carrots and saute for few minutes.
boiling carrots in milk
Add milk and stir well. Let a boil come and lower the flame. let the carrots cook in milk, till the milk
evaporates.(it takes about 40-60 minutes). Stir in between or else the milk will stick to the base.
Carrots after half hour
Add the sugar and grated khoya (Boil a liter milk in a heavy base pan on low flame till the milk evaporates completely leaving the solid content,(it takes about 40-60 minutes).keep stirring in between. the solid content is called khoya/mawa. will get about 250 grams of khoya). Mix well.
adding sugar and khoya
Stir in continuously for few more minutes to let all the ingredients blend well and a nice texture appears.
carrot halwa after 50 minutes
Finally add raisins and cashew nuts for garnishing.

Delicious Gajar ka halwa is ready!!!!

Optional notes:
some people boil the carrots first and then prepare this halwa. This is an easy way with low calorie content in it but the taste of the halwa differs a little.
One can prepare and store this halwa  in advance.

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