Saturday, 20 August 2011

Gillori- mouthfresher

India is famous for its mouth freshers so here is one of them "Gillori"!!!!


5-6 pieces Dry dates(khajoor)
2 tablespoon kashmir mukhwas
2 tablespoon jamnagar mukhwas
4 tablespoon Rose petals paste(gulukand)
4 tablespoon dry coconut powder(nariyal burada)
3-4 silver foil for garnishing


Soak dates in water overnight. In morning remove excess water and seeds from the dates. In a bowl mix all the mukhwas and coconut powder. Make a deep cut in the date and fill it with this mixture. garnish it with silver foil. Sprinkle some coconut powder on it finally.

Gillori are ready. Enjoy it after meals with everyone.

Optional notes:
I had used kashmiri and jamnagar mukhwas, one can also use other varities. Gulukand is essential as it increases the sweetness and taste of  Gillori. One can store and keep them for 2 days (if kept in open) and for a week (if kept in fridge)

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