Monday, 16 January 2012


"Good morning every body"!! Its Cappuccino time....

"Cappuccino' is an Italian hot beverage which Is pronounced like "Capuchin" (meaning small cap).
This coffee is made with coffee powder and steam hot milk & foam. Now mostly available in almost every part of world , Cappuccino is liked and made in homes too..,for more details check: .
Here i had made my own home version of cappuccino which may also be referred as "beaten coffee".
This preparation will make two medium size cups
2 tablespoon coffee
4 tablespoon sugar(prefer powdered sugar)
1 teaspoon drinking chocolate
1 cup water
1 cup full cream milk
For garnishing:
a pinch of hot or drinking chocolate for each cup
Heat and boil the water & milk in a pan on medium flame .(the milk + water is required to be very hot)
In a ceramic coffee mug add the sugar and coffee powder. To this add 1/2 teaspoon of hot water.
Coffee and sugar crystals
With the help of a hand beater, beat this mixture well enough to form froth.(it will be light creamy brown in texture and colour)

beaten coffee and sugar mix 
For serving: take two medium size cups. Add a tablespoon(a little more) of the froth into each cup.
adding froth 
Pour over the hot milk&water mix into the cups. With the help of teaspoon mix a little so that the froth and milk mixes well enough to form foam.
Ready Cappuccino!!
Sprinkle hot or drinking chocolate on top for final finishing.!!
CAPPUCCINO is ready. Serve and have it hot & immediately...!!!
Optional notes:
One can make many variations for cappuccino like cardamom, nutmeg,chocolate and cinnamon. Add a teaspoon of each powder while beating the coffee powder.
The ratio of coffee and sugar must be 1:2(1 table spoon coffee and 2 tablespoon sugar)

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