Thursday, 12 January 2012

Sesame sweets

In India every month has a significant festival which is celebrated in almost every part of the country.
January is the month of two most important festival Sakat and Makar sakranti.

Sakat or Sankashti is celebrated on the fourth day of the second fortnight of the hindu calender. On this day ladies fast for the whole day and pray to lord Ganesha for the health and growth of their children. The fast is ended by eating the bhog(food prepared to offer God) only after witnessing the Moon rise.

People purchasing kites for jamghat
Makar sakranti is celebrated on 14 January of each year.  On this day Sun transits into Makar rashi(Capricon)  on its celestial path. This day is also celebrated in different parts of the country in forms of Pongal(in Tamil Nadu), Lohri(in Punjab)and Kite flying festival (Uttrayan)in Gujrat and (Jamghat)Uttar pradesh.  The day marks the harvesting celebrations and is enjoyed with loads of fun and frolly all over the Country.
On both the occasions lots of sweets and dishes are prepared with major ingredients of Sesame seeds, jaggery and lentils. 

For the special occasion of Sakat i had made "Tilkut" which is mostly prepared for offering to Lord Ganesha. Other recipes of sesame seeds will be posted very soon....enjoy!!

1 cup white sesame seeds(safed til)
1/2 cup powdered sugar
2 teaspoon cardamom powder(ilaechi )
few pieces of raisins
In a kadahi(wok) dry roast the sesame seeds till they turn light golden brown in colour.
roasting sesame seeds
Ground the roasted seeds into a slightly coarse powder
Grounded sesame seeds
To this add powdered sugar, Cardamom powder and raisins and give one more rotation in the grinder.
Mixing powdered sugar and cardamom powder
Tilkut is ready for offering it To lord Ganesha....

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