Friday, 9 March 2012

Gujiya (Special for holi)!!

"GUJIYA" a very special sweet for colourful festival of holi, are stuffed pastries which are filled with delicious filling of khoya/mawa, powdered sugar and coconut powder. They are fried on low flame to make them more crisp and Puffed and are shaped like a D to give them a nice look. This sweet is made specially on holi and its other variations "sugar coated gujiya", "Jaggery coated gujiya" etc is also prepared !! 
I had made "Gujiya" using milk powder and a very little amount of khoya for filling. So try them and enjoy with friends and family during this festival...!!

This preparation will make 14-15 gujiya
For wrapper/cover
2.5 cups All purpose flour(maida)
1/2 cup semolina(sooji)
2 tablespoon ghee
1/4 cup water for kneading
a liitle water(for sealing)
Oil for deep frying
For filling:
1 cup dry coconut powder
1/2 cup powdered sugar
3/4 cup milk powder(any brand)
2 tablespoon khoya/mawa
1/2 cup crushed/powdered dryfruits(Almonds, pistachios, raisins, cashew nuts)
1 tablespoon cardamom powder(illaechi powder)
saffron strands(optional)


For wrapper/cover
Soak the semolina in 3/4 cup water till the semolina absorbs the water. Drain extra water if remaining.
In a bowl, add the maida, soaked sooji and mix well. Add the ghee and mix well till you get a texture of bread crumbs.(rub simultaneously between your palms to get this).
Add little water and knead into a semi stiff dough((like poories dough). It should not be very soft or very stiff.
Keep it aside for 10 minutes to let the dough set properly.
For filling:
Roast the khoya/mawa for few seconds on medium flame. keep aside and let it cool.
In a bowl add all the ingredients and mix properly.
Method for making gujiya:
Make small balls out of the dough, roll each ball into a circle of 10 cm (approx). Apply little water on the circumference of the circle(will help in sealing).
Fill about a tablespoon of the filling on one side of the rolled circle. Cover it with the other half by folding it over the filled portion. It will get a shape of a Capital "D".
Seal the open edges properly. Double seal it by twisting the edges inwards and use a fork for making a design on the twisted edges.
Prepare the  other raw gujiya following the above process and cover them under a damp cloth to avoid from getting dry.
Heat oil in a kadahi(wok). Fry batches of raw gujiya on low flame.Turn them in between so that they are fried from both sides.(will take approx 20 minutes for each batch). They will become golden in colour when done.
Place them on an absorbent paper to remove excess oil.
Yummy" Gujiya " are ready!! Enjoy with family and friends ....
Optional notes:
One can make and store these gujiya in advance.
Variations in filling can be done , one can make gujiya of only mawa/khoya or of dry fruits.
If more rich taste is desired fry these gujiya in Ghee.
One can also serve these gujiya with kheer or rabdi..

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