Friday, 25 January 2013

Makki ki roti( Maize flour bread)

"Makki ki roti" is an Indian flat bread which is served with "Sarson ka saag" and is accompanied  with "Shakkar"(finely broken pieces of sugarcane jaggery)and white butter!! This bread is commonly prepared in Northern part of India and is a winter specialty...!! 
Maize/Corn is the most widely grown crop in countries like USA, Canada and Mexico. Snack Foods like Tortillas,Nachos,Tacos,Quesadillas .....And many other such corn meals which are world famous are all prepared using Maize as a whole or flour. For more details on Maize/Corn check: Maize!!
Here I am presenting Maize flour Indian flat ....

2 cup Maize flour(makki ka atta)
1 teaspoon salt
water for kneading
butter for cooking


In a mixing bowl add flour and salt.
Adding less water, knead the flour (this will take  little effort as the dough needs to be smooth)
When the dough tends to remain intact (after kneading for few minutes) and balls are easily formed without developing cracks, the dough for roti is ready.
Place the dough ball on your palm 
Press and flatten the ball from all sides to make it into a flat circle.
Prepare other rotis following the above method.
Heat a tawa(griddle) on medium heat.Place  the rotis and cook them by applying little white butter on both sides, till golden brown spots appear on the surface.
"Makki di roti" is ready!! enjoy them with "Sarson da saag"

Optional notes:
  • One can mix a portion of wheat flour with maize flour for making roti dough, for ease in making and cooking .
  • One can also use rolling pin and board for shaping the rotis, For this place a thin plastic sheet on the rolling board and keep a dough ball on it , cover with the remaining plastic sheet and roll gently . Remove it from the sheet and cook the roti on the hot griddle.
  • Prepare these rotis fresh when to serve or else the taste of the rotis will  not comes out as desired.