About Ruchi

Hello every one!!!

My name is "Ruchi " which means "interest/hobby" in Hindi. I live in India and am very fond of Indian foods and various styles & methods of cooking them.

Before my marriage I traveled  to almost all parts of  India, (my father had a transferable job) and had the chance of tasting varieties and specialties of various regions.

I was not into cooking before marriage but used to observe various style of cooking used by my mother (who is incidentally a heavenly cook!!).

After marriage, I started experimenting with old recipes and the first judges were my husband and my son.

Slowly and steadily my culinary skills improved, along with an improved knowledge of ingredients and their effects.

I enjoy reading cook books and  different methods of presentation & garnishing of dishes. These references helped me a lot in expanding my interest in cooking. There were many terms and things that were not known to me but with continuous exploration of  books and glossaries I ended up developing and writing my Blog" Mazedar Recipes".

In my blog you will find many new as well as traditional recipes which are presented with pictures and slideshows for ease of viewers and learners!!! 

I prepare my recipes with ingredients which are easily available in India. In case some ingredients are not easily available, I have mentioned their home made preparation in the particular page of the recipe.

Still if there are any doubts or clarifications, please do not hesitate to contact me (through comment section or use http://www.facebook.com/pages/Mazedar-recipies/280734101956954). I will  respond to them asap.

I believe perfection comes with continuous practice, thus the quest for perfection is still going on.....
I will try to keep updating and posting new recipes.

Best wishes and happy cooking!!!!!

I look forward to your comments and views!!! 

Ruchi Agrawal  


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