Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Lemon Shots!!

Have you ever tasted the "kanche wala Soda"(Soda bottle which have marble in it for the tangling sound effect). This is a great  and a very famous summer coolant In Delhi. It is also known as the "Masala lemon soda" in many restaurants. This drink is mix of fizzy soda, lemon juice and Salt with a tangy taste of Chaat masala. Here I am presenting "Lemon Shots" which is the home version of the original Soda style. It is very quick and easy to make as my Son enjoys in making it. A Great drink to enjoy with family and friends on any occasion!!

500 ml Any sweetened Fizzy soda(I had used Sprite)
1/2 teaspoon table salt (per glass)
1/2 teaspoon chaat masala(per glass)
1/2 lemon juice (per glass)
In a medium serving glass, put salt, lemon juice and chaat masala. When to serve pour the soda and let the fizz rise.
salt, lemon juice and chaat masala
Pouring the soda

Garnish it with  slices of lemon and  decorated umbrella toothpicks!!

Tangy and Fizzy "lemon shots " are ready!!

Optional notes:
I do not like to use ice for this drink, instead I chill the soda bottle and then use it. If willing to use ice Crush it nicely and then use, will give the effect of a slush....
This drink is quick to prepare and serve.
Adjust salt and chaat masala as per desire
One can use any sweet flavored soda for this drink.

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