How to make paneer

Paneer or cottage cheese dishes are always a delicacy. Be it a starter like Paneer tikka or Aromatic dishes like kadahi paneer, cottage cheese are loved by all. It is high in protein and calcium content, so give your family the different flavors of paneer or as it is!!!! Here i am sharing the process of paneer making. It is always best and better to use home made ingredients for cooking but in case if market make is used always go for the best quality!!!!

1 liter milk( cow/buffalo)
juice of  one small lemon

In a deep pan boil milk.
When milk starts to boil add juice of  a  small lemon.
With the help of a laddle stir a little. You will see that milk had started to curdle and the remaining leftover is the whey (liquid leftover of milk). 
With the help of a fine muslin cloth or colander separate the cottage cheese from whey. Let the whey drain out completely, use weight like a heavy utensil for this. It takes about an hour for this. 
A cake formation of the cottage cheese will occur. Cut the pieces of your desired size.
Optional notes:
For paneer making one can also use white vinegar or curd .
One can use the whey for kneading flour for roti, parantha or poories!!!