Friday, 21 October 2011

Khajoor ka sheera

"Khajoor" or dates are good source of Vitamin A, Iron and potassium. Enriched with nutritious factors, it is also delicious in taste. So here is its sheera/halwa which could be enjoyed even by those who are restricted of sugar intake. 

"Khajoor ka sheera"

This preparation is for 3 person
200 grams seedless dates(khajoor)
Seedless dates and khoya
150 grams grated whole dried milk(khoya/mawa)
2 tablespoon powdered sugar(bura)
1 teaspoon ghee

for garnishing:
Almond slices

Wash and cut the dates. Grind them to form a coarse paste
Blending Khajoor-khoya mixture
In a kadahi, heat the ghee and put the khajoor paste. Saute it for few minutes till it becomes more tender. Now add the grated khoya and mix well. Add the bura(powdered sugar) and mix well again. Continuously saute this mixture for 5 minutes on low flame till all the ingredients blend well.

Healthy and tasty Khajoor sheera is ready!!! Enjoy it
Optional notes:
One can moist the khajoor paste during grinding by sprinkling milk. Do not put much of milk as we require a coarse paste.

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